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International grape days calendar

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Take a look at the grapes and wines calendar we've compiled for you to help you explore new wines.

It happens to the best of us, we’ve all gotten ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to choosing wines. We end up picking something tried and tested, familiar and comforting like a pair of worn shoes rather than being a bit adventurous and trying something new.

If you would like a bit of a push to try new wines, take a look at the grapes and wines calendar* we have compiled for you and use this to guide some of your next wine choices. On its calendar day, why not try something new? Pour a Pinotage on 12 October, make it Malbec on 17 April.

You never know, you might find a new favourite!

12 October – International Pinotage Day

18 October – International Champagne Day

31 October – International Carignan Day

7 November – International Merlot Day

14 November – International Tempranillo Day

21 November – Beaujolais Noveau Day

(This year it takes place on 21 November ’19, but it’s different every year, falling on the 3rd Thursday of November)

24 November – International Carmenère Day

17 April – World Malbec Day

3 May – International Sauvignon Blanc Day

If you would like to learn more and build your wine tasting confidence, why not sign up for our Level 1 Award in Wines today? Or for a bit more of a challenge, find out about our Level 2 Award in Wines here.

*We’ll be adding to this as we discover more international days, but let us know if you can think of any tag @wsetglobal on social media.