WSET Bitesize - What is Calvados?

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Join this session to learn more about Calvados, the French fruit spirit.

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Fruit spirits are a diverse and global category of spirits. Calvados comes from Normandy, where apples and pears grow better than grapes. Once the juice is extracted and fermented, it’s distilled via column and pot stills to create a characterful spirit before aging in oak vessels.

In this session, Rose Brookman will give an insight into the history of calvados and explain the stages of production and how this affects the final product. She will also be tasting calvados and explaining the typical flavour and aroma notes that you can expect to find. Bring a glass and join in!

This webinar is free to attend and open to anyone, no prior spirits knowledge is needed. The new series of bitesize 30-minute webinars are ideal for beginners looking to learn more about spirits.


Rose Brookman, Director, The Mixing Class

Rose is Director and Lead Educator of The Mixing Class. She first found a calling in spirits while bartending at Amoeba in Bristol. Her love for the community at the heart of bartending culture led to the re-establishment of the Midnight Cocktail Club, a monthly bartending competition that grew to become the biggest independent comp in the UK, motivating young bartenders to learn, and excel at their craft.

She was soon snapped up by East London Liquor Company (ELLC), becoming their Distillery Tour Manager and finally Lead Educator, cultivating a love of learning, and sharing spirits knowledge. In 2019 Rose was appointed an Awamori Jinbner (by Okinawa’s Awamori Distillers Association) to spread her wisdom and affection for Japanese Spirits.

With a genuine passion for both the people of the industry Rose is dedicated to supporting students in their professional development.

Rose is a judge for the IWSC spirits competition, and can often be found enjoying a Martini!

This event does not necessarily constitute official WSET course material and should not be used as such.

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