Level 3 Award in Spirits online entry test

About the Online Entry Test

This Online Entry Test is used by WSET School London to determine if a student possesses the knowledge required for enrolment on the WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits, launching August 2019. If you already hold the Level 2 Award in Spirits you are not required to take the entry test.
Passing the test will only guarantee your eligibility to enrol on the Level 3 Award in Spirits at WSET School London. Other WSET course providers (APPs) may or may not accept your test results as evidence of prior knowledge. If you intend to study with another provider, please do check with them first.

What does it cost?

A fee of £25.00 is charged to sit the test. However, if you pass and go onto enrol in one of the WSET School London’s Level 3 Award in Spirits courses, this fee will be refunded against the cost of your course. 

What’s involved?

The test is delivered online and consists of 50 multiple choice questions which must be completed in 45 minutes. A pass or fail result is issued on completion. You must answer 90% of questions correctly to pass the test.

Your pass or fail result will be held in our database, exact marks are not released and no certificate is issued.

What if I fail?

If you fail the test, you may wish to enrol on the Level 2 Award in Spirits course. If you book onto this course within six months of taking the Online Entry Test, your fee will be refunded against the cost of the course. 

How to book

Please click here to book your Online Entry Test. You will receive an email within three working days of placing the booking with login details to access the test. Your login will be valid for one month after issue.

If you have any questions about the Online Entry Test please contact us at studentservicesteam@wsetglobal.com.