Shochu: Japan’s traditional spirit

Learn why shochu should be your next big discovery at this masterclass, hosted by Antony Moss MW.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Tastings finish between 8.00 and 8.30pm.

39-45 Bermondsey Street, London. SE1 3XF

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Advanced spirits tasting (suitable for those new to Shochu)

Shochu is the increasingly fashionable traditional spirit of Japan, produced using methods that differ greatly from western spirits, and possessing flavours that express local raw materials and many hundreds of years of tradition.

Accompanied by the managers of five distilleries in Kagoshima Prefecture, Antony Moss MW will bring to life the unique production techniques and show shochus that illustrate the breadth of styles that can be achieved with Sweet Potato. You will also have a chance to taste a shochu made from sugar grown in the southerly tropical Amami islands.

The event will require no prior knowledge of shochu, but using the samples and Antony’s expertise and experience in Shochu distilleries will bring to detailed life the diversity that can be achieved even with a common base material. This will also be an amazing opportunity to meet distillery managers who have travelled from Japan to share their products.

Sample shochu list

The samples include a diverse selection of shochus from five distillers in Kagoshima Prefecture -the region that produces the majority of Japan’s premium shochus. Various different production options will be explored, including different potato varieties, various types of koji (for converting starch into fermentable sugar), a mix of distillation at atmospheric pressure and vacuum distillation, and various ages. The final shochu is a brown sugar shochu from Amami island -something every rum fan should taste!

Distillers will be present to answer questions, having travelled from Japan. Product details will be finalised shortly, but the products will represent the following distilleries:

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