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Join Jon Darby, the founder of The Sin Gusano Project, to taste micro batches of artisan mezcal from the variety of agave plants across Mexico.

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When it comes to spirits, agave is one of the fastest growing categories there is. The international drinks giants are falling over themselves to get involved, and sales are booming worldwide. But mezcal is far more than just another category of drinks to be commoditised for mass-market. Join us to taste some of the rarest and most fascinating distillates on the planet, and find out how they are indelibly linked to the diverse cultures and ecosystems they come from.

This tasting will showcase the incredible diversity inherent within artisan agave spirits. You will taste six rarely bottled distillates from agaves endemic to the ecologically and culturally varied regions of Mexico.

Mexican snacks included!

Sample list coming soon...

About the presenter, Jon Darby

Jon Darby from Sin Gusano mezcal

Jon Darby founded The Sin Gusano Project in 2017 after an influential trip to southern Mexico. Coming from a background in the financial sector, and mildly distressed with the state of our consumer-heavy world, Jon came to see agave spirits as a litmus paper for the future of humanity. Can we appreciate and protect the things we have, or will we use up all the resources and commoditise it to death? Via pop-up bars, events, the Mezcal Appreciation Society subscription club, and Sin Gusano's giving back programme, Jon has been putting as much effort as possible into sharing appreciation for what we have.

The Sin Gusano Project is a showcase of the incredible diversity that exists within these spirits at the pre-industrial and pre-celebrity level, and an effort to see that richness and variety valued and protected.

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If you would like to book over the phone or have any enquiries about this event, please contact our Student Services team via 020 7089 3841 or