Webinar recordings

Our educators have been busy creating free webinars for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world. To see what's coming up and to register to watch live, please visit our tastings and events page.

We'll be adding recordings of past webinars to this page every month, so check back often or subscribe to WSET's YouTube channel.

Career talks

A collection of panel discussions focusing on different sectors of the UK drinks industry, ideal for those looking to make a move into the trade or to advance their drinks career. 

Career talk: an introduction to the UK drinks industry

Career talk: Drinks production and product development

Career talk: Import, distribution and logistics

Career talk: Drinks retail

Career talk: Service and hospitality in the UK drinks trade

Career talk: Branding, marketing and communication

Variety in focus

A collection of webinars looking at individual grape varieties in detail. Find out where they are planted, styles of wines made and the history of the variety.

Variety in Focus: Chardonnay with Lydia Harrison MW

Variety in Focus: Cabernet Sauvignon with Lydia Harrison MW

Variety in Focus: Riesling with Julia Lambeth DipWSET

Variety in Focus: Pinot Noir with Julia Lambeth DipWSET

Variety in Focus: Grenache/Garnacha with Lucy Stevenson DipWSET

Variety in Focus: Chenin Blanc with Chris Martin DipWSET

Variety in Focus: Sauvignon Blanc with Julia Lambeth DipWSET


A collection of wine webinars featuring WSET School London educators and other experts covering different regions or styles of wine.

Discover the Rhône Valley with Linda Field DipWSET

Discover Rioja with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

Journey to Jerez with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

Discover Prosecco with Neil Phillips

Discover Tokaj with Annamaria Panka Juhasz DipWSET

Discover Chile with Lydia Harrison MW

Cheese and wine pairing with Patrick McGuigan and Lydia Harrison MW

Discover Piemonte with Nina Cerullo

The old vines of Barossa with Julia Lambeth DipWSET

Exploring terroir in cheese and wine with Patrick McGuigan and Lydia Harrison MW

Celebrate English Wine Week with Ridgeview

Discover Greece with Maria Moutsou

Discover Bordeaux with Lydia Harrison MW

Discover Champagne with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

Discover Tuscany with Nina Cerullo

Still wines of Portugal: a trip from north to south with Dirceu Vianna Junior MW

Discover Alsace with Nina Cerullo

Discover Mediterranean Spain with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

Discover North Macedonia's Vranec grape with Zvonko Herceg

'Conventional' vs 'natural' winemaking in Greece with Maria Moutsou

Discover Languedoc with Richard Lane

Discover Port with Chris Martin DipWSET

Discover Israel with Tal Sunderland-Cohen

Sherry and Food Pairing with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

Alternative Australia with Julia Lambeth

Harvest special: English wine and cheese pairing with Lydia Harrison MW and Patrick McGuigan

Discover Malagousia and Xinomavro: Prototypal Greek Grapes with Maria Moutsou

Discover Australian Pinot Noir with Lydia Harrison MW

Discover Bergerac with Richard Lane DipWSET

Discover Biodynamic Agriculture with Julia Lambeth DipWSET

Discover Australian Riesling with Emma Symington MW

A close look....

A series a webinars discussing a particular topic, region or person in greater detail.

Microorganisms and wine fermentation with Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Ann Dumont and Sam Harrop MW

A close look at South Africa: the current challenges facing the wine industry with Richard Bampfield MW & Richard Kershaw MW

Winemaker in focus: Almudena Alberca MW

A close look at Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

A close look at viticulture in Burgundy with Richard Bampfield MW and Christophe Chauvel

Spirits deep dives

A collection of webinars focused on spirits, from gin through to baijiu, with WSET's spirits specialists and some special guests. 

Discover Honkaku Shōchū and Awamori with Liam Scandrett

Discover Baijiu with Derek Sandhaus

A History of Gin with Julia Lambeth DipWSET

The six ages of Irish Whiskey with Charlie McCarthy

See things differently: looking beyond 'white rum' with Nick King DipWSET

Sake series

A series of webinars focusing on sake, hosted by sake specialist educator Natsuki Kikuya.

Sake and Regionality with Natsuki Kikuya

History of Sake with Natsuki Kikuya

Sake and food pairing with Natsuki Kikuya

All about Yamadanishiki with Natsuki Kikuya

Introducing the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines

An overview of our flagship qualification and the study options available to prospective Diploma students at WSET School London. Please note that this information is correct for Academic Year 2021/22. 

Introducing the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines 2021