History of gin with Julia Lambeth DipWSET (webinar)

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Julia Lambeth DipWSET takes you on a virtual journey through the history of gin in her latest webinar. Join in with a G&T of your choice!

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Spirits webinar

We all know that gin has undergone revolution over the past decade or so – and you can’t help but have noticed how many different gins are available in shops these days.

But of course, gin also has a long and interesting past. In this webinar, Julia Lambeth DipWSET will take you on a journey through the history of gin, from its origins in the Netherlands as a medicinal drink, following the transformative effect that it had on London, and how the drink itself has changed over the years. We’ll also explore the factors that led to the 21st century 'gin boom'.

Join with your favourite gin and tonic in hand if you wish, there's no requirement to taste anything specific.

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