Variety in focus: Riesling with Julia Lambeth DipWSET (webinar)

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Join Julia Lambeth DipWSET to take a close look at the famous Riesling grape. Feel free to join in with a glass of your choice!

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Wine webinar

Riesling is considered by many wine lovers to be one of the world's most interesting and underrated white grapes. Capable of producing outstanding wines in a wide range of styles with the ability to age beautifully for decades, it is a truly versatile variety. 

During this webinar Julia Lambeth DipWSET will explore the history and champion the diversity of this classic variety, looking at its key characteristics and main regions of production.

While there is no requirement for you to try and obtain a specific wine, please feel free to join with a glass of wine of your choice, even better if it’s a Riesling!

If you enjoy the webinar, we would love to welcome you onto one of our WSET wine courses, all of which can be studied online from your home. More details here.