History of sake with Natsuki Kikuya (webinar)

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Sake Samurai and Educator Natsuki Kikuya takes you on a journey through the modern history of sake to the present day in this webinar. A great way to start exploring sake culture from home.

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Sake webinar

With a history spanning over 2,000 years, now is a really exciting time to be discovering sake. With the progression of technology, science and trade, this fascinating drink is now making its mark all over the world.

In this webinar, WSET School London Sake Educator and Sake Samurai Natsuki Kikuya will guide you through the modern history of sake culture, including common techniques, developments and trends, from the Meiji Restoration in 1868 until today. In relation to the drink’s historical background in Japan, Natsuki will answer questions including:

  • When was sake as we know it today first established?
  • Where are the most important areas for sake production in Japan?
  • How many sake breweries are there, and what trends are we seeing in the sake industry today?

Join with your favourite sake in hand if you wish, or simply listen in to get a flavour of what's out there for you to try.

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If you enjoy the webinar, we would love to welcome you onto one of our WSET sake courses. More details here.