The six ages of Irish Whiskey with Charlie McCarthy (webinar)

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WSET's Charlie McCarthy explores how ‘whiskey in the jar’ has evolved since the 14th Century, and what tomorrow’s Irish Whiskey has in store.

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Spirits webinar

Join WSET's resident Irish Whiskey expert Charlie McCarthy for this one-hour whiskey webinar. He'll be offering up a great overview of the technical and stylistic developments in Irish Whiskey from the 14th to the 21st Century. Here's an overview of the 'six ages' he'll be covering. 

  1. Uisce Beatha, the father of Whiskey
  2. Poitínv Parliament Whiskey
  3. The Golden Age of Single Pot Still Whiskey
  4. The threat of Silent Spirit
  5. The emergence of the Classic 20th Century Irish blends
  6. The New Wave of 21st Century Iconoclasts

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