WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

This high-level course is the perfect way to advance your wine knowledge. Ideal for the dedicated wine enthusiast and those who need to make informed decisions or recommendations about wine for work.

About the course

Building on the knowledge gained through the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines, the Level 3 Award in Wines goes both broader and deeper. It is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the factors that account for the style, quality and price of the principal still, sparkling and fortified wines of the world. 

Our specialist educators will guide you in developing your tasting skills through a carefully selected range of wines ranging from household brands to outstanding bottles from iconic producers. You'll learn how to use your tasting notes to make objective conclusions on a wine's style, quality and readiness for drinking.

The course will cover: 

  • The key factors in the production of wine: location, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling
  • The key characteristics of the principal:
    • still wines of the world
    • sparkling wines of the world
    • fortified wines of the world
  • How to make appropriate wine recommendations
  • How to taste wines using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • Tutored tastings of 82 wines (except online course)
  • Access to WSET's Online Classroom for the duration of the course including useful video links and other resources

​Successful candidates will be able to taste and describe with confidence the characteristics of the principal wines of the world and give information on the key factors influencing style, quality and price. Those who work with wine will be in a great position to advise management, to answer customer queries authoritatively, and to make informed selections of wines in a variety of situations.

View the full qualification specification

The course assessment is split into two essential units: Unit 1 focuses on your theoretical understanding of the subject and your ability to communicate this, while Unit 2 focuses on your tasting abilities. Both units are examined in person at WSET School London on the same day, with a short break between the papers.

Unit 1

A closed book theory examination in two parts, which must be completed in two hours.

  • Part 1 comprises 50 multiple-choice questions. This part will assess your knowledge and understanding across the unit.
  • Part 2 is a question paper requiring short written answers. This part will consist of four questions of 25 marks each, and will assess your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained across the unit.

You must attain a minimum mark of 55% in both parts to pass Unit 1. Sample questions can be found in the Specification.

Unit 2

A blind tasting exam featuring two still wines, which must be completed in 30 minutes. This will assess your ability to accurately describe a wine and draw conclusions about its quality and readiness for drinking based on your observations. 

You must attain a combined mark of 55% across the two wines to pass Unit 2. 

Pass marks

  • Pass: mean average mark of 55% - 64%
  • Pass with Merit: mean average mark of between 65% - 79%
  • Pass with Distinction: mean average mark of 80% or above (with no individual examination paper below 65%)

All students who pass the examination will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin.

This qualification is Ofqual regulated.

The Level 3 Award in Wines is designed to build on a solid foundation of knowledge, equivalent to that which is gained through Level 2 Award in Wines (previously known as the Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits). For this reason, the course is primarily open to students who have studied for this qualification. If you do not hold the Level 2 qualification but believe you have the relevant knowledge, you can also gain entry through our Level 3 Award in Wines Online Entry Test.

All classes are delivered in English and the assessment requires your answers to be hand-written, therefore a good level of written and spoken English is very beneficial.

You must be at least 18 years old to enrol on any of our courses. 

This is a highly rewarding yet demanding course which requires a minimum of 51.5 hours of private study time, in addition to guided tuition hours. Depending on your chosen study option, you may need to complete a significant proportion of these study hours prior to the course start in order to be fully prepared. 

Anyone embarking on a WSET qualification should familiarise themselves with the course specification. This document will help you hugely when preparing for the course and the examination. 

Study options

We have five study options available for this course at WSET School London.

Please note that this is a demanding course that requires a minimum of 51.5 hours of private study time, in addition to guided learning hours. We advise that you select a study option that allows you adequate self-study and revision time.

  • Where: WSET School London
  • Duration: 9:00am-5:00pm one day a week for six weeks (includes exam)
  • Private study: 51.5 hours. We recommend reading the relevant chapters of the textbook ahead of each session
  • Samples: In-class wine samples included
  • Includes: Your workbook, 81 wine samples, six tasting glasses, 30 hours of tuition, access to WSET School London additional resources on WSET’s Online Classroom, a mock exam, your examination, and exclusive offers via our Student Deals Card
  • Who: Those with the flexibility to attend classes for one day per week. A popular choice for employers looking to train staff with minimal disruption to their working week


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Monday 13 May 2024 Consecutive WSET School London £930 Wednesday 01 May 2024 10+ Book Now
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