Our purpose

Our purpose is: ‘empowering people through inspiring learning experiences, all over the world.’

  • We ultimately exist for the benefit of the people who are ‘experiencing the learning’ - our students. Our impact will be different for each person, empowering them, for example, to get a job in the drinks trade, to progress their career or simply to pursue their passion for drinks.
  • We do this through inspiring learning experiences: we want to be much more to people than exams and qualifications.
  • We want the products and services we offer to be accessible to as many people as possible all over the world.


Our vision 

Our vision is to be globally recognised as the leader in drinks education, renowned for: 

  • our inspiring and empowering learning experiences
  • our role in creating a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable drinks industry
  • being great to work with and for. 


Our values  

Our values shape everything we do - how we behave and how we think as an organisation.

  • They are the foundation for creating an inclusive and purposeful culture where our people feel valued.
  • They are the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that inform how we work to achieve our purpose.
  • They contribute to enhancing everyone’s WSET experience - whether for an employee, student or APP.
  • They help to strengthen our brand internally and externally.

Our strategic imperatives  

  • People & Culture
  • Customer Service
  • Product
  • Brand
  • ESG
  • Route to Student