WSET, an awarding organisation

WSET - An awarding organisation

WSET is an awarding organisation (exam board). We are responsible for the creation, processing and quality assurance of WSET qualifications. The qualifications are delivered to candidates through our global network of Approved Programme Providers (APPs). As the awarding organisation, WSET is responsible for ensuring that APPs deliver our qualifications according to our standards and requirements. 

Governance and Quality Management

WSET is recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual, the English regulator for qualifications and exams.

The WSET Supervisory Board (ASB) is a committee of the Board of Trustees that oversees the activity of WSET as an awarding organisation to ensure:

  • the continued integrity of WSET qualifications
  • that WSET continually reflects best practice in all aspects of its operations, meeting regulatory criteria.

Six WSET teams deliver these core functions:

  • The Quality Assurance team is responsible for managing our APP approval process and for quality assurance and compliance, supporting our APPs to ensure best practice in their delivery of WSET qualifications.
  • The Educator Training Programme team is responsible for the design and delivery of WSET’s Educator Training Programme (ETP). In practical terms, ETPs form the training component of WSET’s Quality Assurance system for APPs. Each APP must have an ETP trained educator who takes responsibility for ensuring that their APP meets the teaching standards required by WSET.
  • The Qualifications team is responsible for setting WSET exams. They design WSET’s qualification specifications and decide the assessment format and content at all levels. The team also marks, verifies and moderates WSET assessments.
  • The Product Development team is responsible for creating and developing all WSET teaching materials, such as session plans, textbooks, and the Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT). Also works with the Qualifications team on the content of the qualification specifications.
  • The Translation team is responsible for translating all supporting learning materials (such as session plans, textbooks, and SATs). The team also supports the Qualifications team in the translation of all examination scripts and with the Product Development team to ensure clarity and consistency in all WSET teaching materials.
  • The Exams team is responsible for processing exam orders, issuing results, and dispatching our exams and certificates to APPs around the world.

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WSET operates a range of policies for the benefit of students, covering: diversity and equality; malpractice and maladministration; reasonable adjustments; complaints and appeals; privacy, and special consideration. Please contact WSET or your Approved Programme Provider for further information.

Zero tolerance policy

WSET has a reasonable expectation that its staff and those representing WSET at our Approved Programme Providers (APP) will be treated professionally and respectfully as they carry out their jobs. Inappropriate behavior including verbal or physical abuse, persistent or unrealistic demands or threats that cause stress to staff will be viewed as misconduct and we will take appropriate action that is available to us including permanent exclusion from WSET qualifications