Frequently asked questions

Welcome to WSET's student FAQs. Here we've compiled the most frequently asked questions submitted by our current and prospective students.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for you can contact us here.

I am currently studying with IWEG in Toronto, how can I complete my course?

Please contact and we will be happy to help you.

I haven’t received my results. When can I expect them?

If you were expecting your exam results and/or certificate and have not received them yet, please get in touch with your course provider who will be able to assist you. Please note that we always send results to your course provider who will then pass these on to you.

How is my exam marked? Why does it take so long?

Around the world WSET exams run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We treat every exam paper with the utmost care to ensure that all papers are fairly marked and that the correct grade is given to each candidate. Exam marking is a controlled process involving multiple steps at every WSET qualification level. Although we understand that you want to get your exam result as quickly as possible, we always prioritise accuracy reliability and global quality assurance. In this way we can ensure that your WSET qualification is respected and valued worldwide as the international standard in wine, spirit or sake knowledge.

I’ve lost my qualification pin and/or certificate. How can I get a replacement?

When you successfully complete any WSET qualification you should receive both a certificate and a lapel pin.

If you lose your lapel pin or your certificate you can request a new one. There is a small administrative fee, but you just need to complete this form and send it to

How do I find a course provider?

To find the right course provider for you, visit our “Where to study” page. Here you will be able to filter our course providers by region, subject, level and mode of study (online or in-person).

To learn more about WSET courses in languages other than English and find course providers offering those qualifications, visit our “Languages” page.

Can I study for the Level 2 Award in Wines if I haven’t completed the Level 1 Award in Wines?

We recommend starting with WSET’s Level 1 Award in Wines. It offers you the opportunity to build the theoretical knowledge and tasting skills you'll need to progress successfully through the higher levels.

If you have a background in wine and wine tasting, it is possible to start with the Level 2 Award in Wines.

Can I study for the Level 3 Award in Wines if I haven’t completed the Level 2 Award in Wines?

While WSET strongly recommends all students complete the Level 2 Award in Wines, if you can demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge, then in some instances it is possible, to enrol directly onto a Level 3 Award in Wines course.

If you are confident that you have the necessary knowledge and skills in wine, you should get in touch with your preferred course provider to discuss your options.

I have relocated. Can I transfer my course/sit my exam with a different course provider?

If you have started or taken a WSET course with one course provider but need to complete your course or take your exam with a new provider, you will need to contact both your current course provider and your preferred new provider to see if they can support your request.

If you do need additional support you can contact WSET here.

My name was misspelt on my certificate. How do I get a replacement?

We're so sorry that your name was misspelt on your certificate. Please complete this form to request a replacement certificate and return it to

Please note, if there was an error on your original registration form, there may be a fee to replace your certificate. Your course provider should be able to advise and assist you if this is the case.