WSET and AdVL Wine Lecture Series: Sherry - the finest wine


Discover the secrets of one of the most under-appreciated yet finest wines in the world in this webinar with Ben Howkins

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In this online masterclass for WSET Alumni, legendary Sherry expert Ben Howkins will guide you through the styles of sherry, the long and colourful history of the Jerez wine region and some of the notable makers of the past and present, while also looking at the huge potential of this fine wine, the new darling of sommeliers worldwide and a great ingredient of cocktails.

Ben Howkins has worked for several of the leading Sherry houses throughout a long career in the wine and spirits industry, and he is a leading ambassador for it.


Please note:

Please note this event is exclusive to WSET Level 4 Diploma Alumni and Académie du Vin Library members/audiences only. This event does not constitute official WSET course material and should not be used as such.