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Biodynamics 101 - understand more about this fascinating area of wine production

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WSET Alumni are invited to join the latest in the series of wine lectures curated by Académie du Vin Library, looking at key regions, wines and winemaking practices, given by experts in their fields.

In the good old days, wine was either red or white, dry or sweet, still or fizzy. Then it became "New World" versus "Old World" and single varietal versus multi-varietal blends. Now wine is becoming less about origin or style, and more about production. Although still a niche segment in the global wine industry, the natural, sustainable, organic and biodynamic categories will continue to take market share from conventional wines.

At the end of this 101 on biodynamics, participants will have a clear understanding of what biodynamic winemaking is, what it is not, and why its core principle of self-sufficiency resonates with winemakers and consumers alike.

Please do bring all of your questions about biodynamic winemaking to the event - we will happily discuss all topics.

Please note this event is exclusive to WSET Level 4 Diploma Alumni and Académie du Vin Library members/audiences only. Tickets are £10 This event does not constitute official WSET course material and should not be used as such.

About the speaker

Speaker Monty Waldin writes the entries on Biodynamics for Jancis Robinson MW and Julia Harding MW’s Oxford Companion to Wine, and has worked in a range of conventional, natural, organic and Biodynamic vineyards and wineries both large and small and in both hemispheres.