Imbibe Live 2023

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Join us at Imbibe Live 2023 for another WSET Tasting Room takeover. We'll be collaborating with industry friends to bring you five unique masterclasses covering vodka, malting, eaux de vie, texture in spirits, and how to translate taste.

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Drinks trade show

Imbibe Live is the place to be for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks and is seeking to grow their business and delight their customers. Whether you’re interested in wines, spirits, beers, ciders, soft drinks or the full spectrum of drinks, Imbibe Live brings the entire drinks community together every year to take part in invaluable networking opportunities, including an award-winning content programme curated by leading industry figures. The 2023 event is returning to Olympia London, 3-4 July.

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WSET's Tasting Room takeover

WSET will be hosting another Tasting Room takeover on Tuesday 4 July at Imbibe Live 2023 where we’ll be joined by industry experts to explore characterful Vodka, delve into various malting processes, discover the fascinating world of Eaux de Vie, get technical about texture in spirits and decipher wine language for customers.

Join in on one of these sessions to enjoy some fantastic samples and get a taster of what you could learn through WSET’s globally-recognised qualifications.

In Essence – Exploring the Artistry of Eaux de Vie

Tuesday 4 July: 11.45-12.30

Barney Wilczak of Capreolus distillery is responsible for some of the most revered fruit spirits in the UK, but in his own humble words ‘we’re squashing fruit and boiling it’. Of course, there is much more to the production of Eaux de Vie. This session will take a deep dive into the 4 key stages of spirits production through the unique lens of fruit spirits. Barney will lift the lid on the practices at the Capreolus distillery, while also showcasing some of his favourite producers from the continent. He will also highlight how these spirits can be applied behind the bar and the session will feature cocktails from some of the world’s best bars and bartenders. Experience rare and exquisite fruit Eaux de Vie from Capreolus and European producers, comparatively taste these spirits using the WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits Systematic Approach to Tasting, and see how some of the world’s best bars are using these products in their serves.

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Vodka; by design

Tuesday 4 July: 13.00-13:45

Vodka is a category that requires complicated technology to produce but simple messaging to sell, with marketing often obscuring or skewing the production choices that inform style and flavour. While vodka is thought of as a neutral, blank canvas for mixed drinks, there are an increasing number of more characterful varieties available in on and off trade outlets. This session will demonstrate that despite all being made from neutral spirit, not all vodkas are made equal. Key decisions made during various stages of production inform the style, flavour and quality of the spirit in your glass. Discover what differentiates neutral styles from more characterful styles of vodka, taste four vodkas made using different raw materials and processing techniques, and learn how to identify and communicate the nuanced differences in style.

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All the Feels - the Underestimated Importance of Texture in Spirits

Tuesday 4 July: 14.15–15.00

Texture is an element that is often overlooked when it comes to tasting and describing spirits. It’s sometimes hard to detect, and even harder to describe, but is very often the difference between an exceptional drink and one that feels lacking. This session will explore how various textures in spirits are achieved and how you can use this information to develop exciting new serves. Explore the production factors that affect texture, taste three different styles of spirit using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting, and learn how to put words to sensations on the palate and apply this to the development of your cocktail menu.

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Translating Taste – How to Decipher Wine Language for Customers

Tuesday 4 July: 15.30-16.15

The ability to translate technical tasting notes into customer-friendly language is an important skill for anyone working in the service industry. In this session you will learn the language of wine tasting and how you can adapt and apply this understanding to pair customers with their perfect wine. Discover the fundamentals of wine tasting technique, taste three different styles of wine using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting and learn from Hospitality experts how to translate wine language to suit your customer.

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Mastering Malt (Worts and All)

Tuesday 4 July: 16.45-17.30

The malting process is a cornerstone of whisky production, yet beyond the simple question of whether a grain is peated or unpeated it remains an area shrouded in mystery. In this session we will get granular with barley, exploring the key decisions that a maltster must make, and how these nuanced early-stage choices are expressed in the final spirit. We will also explore a range of whiskies that showcase the maltster’s craft, including some drams at the cutting edge of whisky flavour. Explore the malting production factors that affect flavour and yield, taste four distinctly different styles of whisky using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting, and learn how to communicate these elements to engage your more adventurous guests.

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