Sake: current and future global trends

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This webinar will look at the world of sake and the trends from Japan and beyond.

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This webinar will look at the world of craft sake and the trends from Japan and beyond as we celebrate world Sake Day on 1 October. Natsuki Kikuya, WSET's Product Development Manager - Sake, will be joined by Chris Hughes, Sake educator, to discuss trends in sake including:

1) Sustainability: development of new way to use environment friendly ingredients, production and packaging options for sake.

2) Natural and low intervention approach in sake production.

3) Craft sake movement: emergence of koji-based new "non-sake" categories to start up new breweries.

4) The impact of Climate Change in sake: how sake makers are solving.

5) Sake production outside of Japan & international collaborations.

The new series of 60-minute webinars are ideal for anyone looking to learn more about sake.


Natsuki Kikuya, Product Development Manager - Sake, WSET

Born in the sake brewery family in Akita, Natsuki moved to UK as a sake sommelier at Zuma restaurant group. After being an independent consultant, in 2013, together with Antony Moss MW she helped to launch Level 3 Award in Sake at WSET. Now she works as Product Development Manager for Sake at WSET and helps to update qualifications and supporting network of sake educators around the world. Natsuki is also a “Sake Samurai” and a Panel Chair judge at IWC Sake Category.


Chris Hughes, Sake Educator, CAPLAN

With over 16 years experience in the sake industry, Chris was wooed into the world of sake by a charismatic brewery during a tenure at Tazaki Foods, a Japanese food and drink importer in London. Since moving to Japan in 2014, he has visited close to 200 breweries, worked a Tokyo-based sales position for Tatenokawa Shuzo and Kojima Sohonten 2 sake breweries in Yamagata Prefecture; written for various sake media including the Sake Times; worked in a marketing role, including organizing events for sake bar chain KURAND; and provided consulting for sake breweries and shochu distilleries. He regularly MCs for events, runs experiences for tourists and presents on a podcast dedicated to expanding the dialogue around sake, shochu and awamori called Sake on Air. He has been teaching WSET sake in Tokyo at CAPLAN since 2017.


This event does not necessarily constitute official WSET course material and should not be used as such.

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