The Wines of Piemonte: Barolo and Barbaresco and so much more!


To celebrate the publication of The Wines of Piemonte, WSET Diploma Alumni are invited to join author David Way to explore Barolo, Barbaresco and lesser-known wines of the region.

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The Italian region of Piemonte is rightly famed for the denominations of Barolo and Barbaresco. The area of vineyard given over to Nebbiolo, the principal grape variety of both DOCGs has increased dramatically in the last half century (as plantings of other varieties have fallen). However, there is still much to enjoy beyond the headline wines of the region. With a vast array of local varieties at the disposal of winemakers and wines available in a range of styles, across multiple denominations, Piemonte is a wine explorer’s dream.

In this webinar, expert wine educator David Way will take a look beyond the wines already known and loved to explore more of Piemonte’s lesser-known treasures. This session will look at the wines in their context, giving an outline of the history, geography and climate of the region. David will also introduce the native varieties that make the distinctive wines in this region – including less familiar grapes such as Brachetto, Freisa and Grignolino. Alumni will be invited to deepen their knowledge, as David delves into topics from the chemical profiles of top black grape varieties, to the effects of Italian wine law.

Attendees must hold the WSET Level 4 Diploma, we reserve the right to cancel tickets booked for non-diploma holders.


David Way DPhil, DipWSET, Senior Product Developer - Wine Qualifications and WSET Certified Educator

David Way initially specialized in the wines of the Tuscan Maremma before broadening his interests to the rest of Italy and beyond. His articles are published on his website, Since 2015 he has worked for WSET in London. He was one of the two principal authors of the five digital textbooks for the Level 4 Diploma in Wines published in 2019. Since then he has been responsible for improving and updating these textbooks. Building on his love of Italian wine, he has concentrated mainly on Tuscany and Piemonte, though he has visited 19 of Italy’s 20 regions (Molise still awaits!) In recent years, the focus has been all about Piemonte, culminating in the publication of The Wines of Piemonte in the Classic Wine Library in September 2023. This explores in depth the entire range of wines made in the region: Barolo and Barbaresco and so much more!