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We invite WSET Alumni to join Dr. Laura Catena, a fourth-generation Argentine vintner and medical doctor and graduate of Stanford Medical School, as she navigates the complex relationship between wine consumption and health. Drawing on her extensive background in both medicine and winemaking, Dr. Catena will explore the importance of moderation and the cultural aspects of wine drinking. She will highlight observational studies showing a correlation between moderate alcohol consumption and reduced cardiovascular risks, while also acknowledging the increased risks of certain cancers.

Dr. Catena advocates for informed, individual decision-making on alcohol consumption, stressing the value of education on moderation and responsible drinking practices. This webinar will investigate what moderation or "limited" wine drinking looks like and how wine can complement a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

 Please note: this event does not necessarily constitute official WSET opinions or course material and should not be used as such.


Attendees must hold the WSET Level 4 Diploma, we reserve the right to cancel tickets booked for non-diploma holders.


Dr Laura Catena, Managing Director of Bodega Catena Zapata

Dr. Laura Catena is Managing Director of Catena Zapata winery in Argentina, recently named the World's Best Vineyard. She is a medical doctor and fourth-generation vintner, on a mission to elevate Argentina's reputation as a great wine country. A pioneer in Malbec since 1902, Catena Zapata is the oldest family winery in Argentina. Laura founded The Catena Institute of Wine in 1995 to conduct industry-leading wine research. She has authored three books: Vino Argentino, an insider's travelogue to Argentine wine country with great food and wine pairings; Gold in the Vineyards, and Malbec Mon Amour. She received the Outstanding Achievement Award 2023 by Meininger, and was named Old Vine Hero 2023, by The Old Wine Conference and Woman of the Year 2022, by Drinks Business. She has also been invited to contribute as Fulbright Association Board Member.

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If you have any questions please contact alumni@wsetglobal.com.