WSET Beer qualifications (coming soon)

In February 2024, we’re launching two brand new beer courses: WSET Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Beer.  

We’re excited to bring our interactive learning style and unique Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT) focused on look, smell and taste to the world of beer education.

The first courses will be available to book in early 2024.

Offered through WSET's global network of course providers, initially the beer courses will be available in-person in a limited number of markets with global access to online courses. Watch this space to find out which markets will be offering our beer qualifications in 2024.

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Who are the courses for?

Pitched at beginner and intermediate level, our Level 1 and 2 Awards in Beer will provide product knowledge and beer tasting skills for both beer enthusiasts and those working in the beer or hospitality industries.

Our interactive and expert-led courses will focus on building your knowledge of:

  • key beer styles
  • unique ingredients and production factors
  • the principles of beer tasting, storage, service and food pairing

At the end of the course, once you’ve successfully completed your exam, you’ll gain a globally recognised qualification and increased understanding and confidence to explore the world of beer.

Our Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT)

Our trademarked Systematic Approach to Tasting equips you with a universal language for describing what you’re tasting and a framework for assessing quality. It encourages you to explore each element of a beer – how it looks, smells and tastes – before considering how it comes together as a whole.

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WSET Level 1 Award in Beer

This beginner-level beer qualification is ideal for anyone at the very start of their beer journey. Packed with activities and beer tastings, this course will provide essential foundations in:

  • beer ingredients and production
  • the principles of storage, service and food pairing
  • the characteristics of 20 key beer styles - from lagers to lambics
  • how to taste and describe beer using the our Systematic Approach to Tasting

Learn more about the WSET Level 1 Award in Beer here


WSET Level 2 Award in Beer

This intermediate-level beer qualification is perfect for anyone eager to expand their knowledge of beer, whether you’re a beginner or already have some beer knowledge. It’s a longer and more in-depth course than Level 1 and allows you to cover the essentials in greater detail, including:

  • the main ingredients used in beer production and how they’re processed
  • how beer production influences the style and quality of beer
  • the key principles and processes involved in beer storage, service and food pairing
  • the characteristics of over 60 beer styles, including speciality beers, and how they are produced and labelled
  • how to taste, describe and assess beer, using our Systematic Approach to Tasting

 Learn more about the WSET Level 2 Award in Beer here