Custom courses

Discover tailored learning experiences with WSET Global custom courses

Empower your team with specialised drinks training through our custom courses designed for businesses aiming for quality education. Whether you have ten or more team members to train, our custom courses offer flexibility and personalisation to meet your unique requirements.

Why choose a custom course?

A custom course with WSET Global provides an accredited WSET qualification in wines, spirits, sake, or beer personalised to a specific business or brand. It's the ideal choice for companies seeking private classes exclusively for their employees, ensuring a focused and distraction-free learning environment.

What can you customise?

  1. Location: Choose between in-person, online, or a combination of both. Select a venue of your preference.
  2. Time and Format: Set the date and time that suits your team, whether it's a single day, multiple days, weekdays, evenings, or Saturdays. Please note that we require at least four weeks' notice to organise a course.
  3. Educators and Speakers: Customise your course by bringing in a specialist speaker to enhance the learning experience.
  4. Samples: Benefit from our extensive range of samples or use your own drinks, ensuring they meet qualification requirements.
  5. Additional Content: While covering WSET material, add extra talks, tastings, and activities to enrich students' learning experience.
  6. Flexibility: Share your objectives with us, and we'll explore customised options to meet your specific needs.

Why opt for a custom course?

  1. Tailor to business goals: Align the course with your business objectives.
  2. Choose tasting samples: Handpick the drinks that suit your training goals.
  3. Flexible study options: Customise timings, locations, and formats.
  4. Exclusive learning environment: Ensure only your employees are part of the course.
  5. Brand exposure: Help staff get acquainted with your brand or drinks list.
  6. Team building: Foster team unity through this fantastic team-building activity.
  7. Globally recognised qualification: Enable students to gain a globally recognised WSET qualification.

Who Can Book?

Enrol a minimum of 10 students, and we'll collaborate with you to create the perfect course. Provide a minimum of four weeks' notice for seamless organisation.


 To discuss opportunities for custom or satellite courses please contact us.