WSET Remote Invigilation (RI) Violations & Common Causes for Re-sits

RI Violations

Please note that you must not commit any of the violations noted below. By taking a WSET remotely invigilated (RI) exam you are agreeing to the following:

Candidates agree to abide by the exam regulations. Failure to do so may render a candidate’s results invalid and the candidate may have to re-sit the exam at their expense. WSET reserves the right to permanently exclude candidates found guilty of academic misconduct from WSET qualifications.

List of Exam Violations:




Accessing other applications or webpages, such as Word/Excel/Google/Email, other than the Google Chrome pages needed for your exam.

Using Google Chrome plugged in translator to translate the exam content.  


Referring to any material, in whatever form, other than the on-screen exam


Using any electronic device e.g., tablet/smartwatch other than those needed for the exam

 Committed most often*

Using multiple screens


Attempting to record or reproduce the content of exam papers

 Committed most often*

Taking notes during exam


Leaving the room after the exam starts

 Committed most often*

Other people seen or heard in the room


Repetitive behavior such as looking at your wrists or hands for a prolonged period of continuous abnormal eye movements to a specific area away from the screen




Vaping / smoking / drinking alcohol or non-clear liquid during exam

 Committed most often*

Wearing a watch of any kind or using any other audible alarms or prompts; clocks are permitted in your room


Wearing sunglasses or smart glasses  

 Committed most often*

Wearing headphones or earplugs*

*Hearing aids are allowed – contact your APP to submit a Reasonable Adjustment to confirm this requirement


Notes, textbooks, or any visual aids that can be of assistance e.g., pictures, maps, service equipment in exam-taking environment   


Bottles or cases of wine, spirits, sake on display in the room


The room is too dark

 Committed most often*

Labeled bottles or alcoholic beverages (e.g. glass of wine) on the desk


Unable to see full room scan

 Committed most often*

Unable to see full room scan


Unable to see ear check

 Committed most often*

Webcam on laptop angled up/face obscured

 Committed most often*

Webcam drops during exam

 Committed most often*

Secondary device video drops during exam


Issues caused by the use of unsupported technology

Common Causes for Re-sits

  • System Check not completed. With candidates that experience technical difficulties, its common to find they did not start, or fully complete system checks and/or waited the day of their exam to complete causing them to rush setup.
  • Insufficient or Unstable Internet. If a candidate’s internet is not sufficient or stable, the video recordings may drop, and we may not be able to verify exam conditions throughout the exam. Candidates should check their internet speed at prior to beginning their exam. Candidates must have strong wi-fi to complete the exam. If their internet speed is weak, they should sit as close to the internet connection point as possible and ask other nearby users to disconnect and refrain from using Wi-Fi during your system check, then recheck their internet speed.
  • Unable to verify exam conditions. The room scan completed prior to launching the exam allows us to verify that exam conditions are in place. Each step is critical and allows the RI reviewer to verify exam conditions. Many disqualifications are caused by candidates skipping steps or performing them too quickly for the reviewer to confirm.
  • Secondary Device not setup correctly at the start of the exam. Prior to entering the exam, the candidate will be presented with a page that shows the view from both the webcam and the secondary device. If the candidate cannot see themselves clearly in both views, the reviewer will not be able to see them. The candidate should stop and correct the problem contacting Online Support if necessary. Note: RI exams are not live invigilated and online support cannot view the candidate’s screen. If there is an issue with the candidate’s setup, they will not be notified.
  • Secondary Device not on Airplane Mode. The candidate’s secondary device must be placed in airplane mode as any alerts or notifications could stop their device recording. They will not receive an alert that their device stopped recording if this occurs.
  • Candidate has pen and paper and takes notes. Candidates are not allowed to have pen and paper on their desk during an exam or take any notes. Candidates may flag questions within the exam to identify questions to return to later.
  • Other people in the room. Candidates must be alone in the room during the exam. We have seen numerous videos where candidates are sitting in a room with others violating exam conditions.
  • Wearing earphones/headset. Candidates are not allowed to wear earphones or a headset as we are unable to tell what is being played through the earphones. Hearing aids are allowedcontact your APP to submit a Reasonable Adjustment to confirm this requirement.