WSET RI Candidate Quick Guide

This page will help make sure your devices are setup and ready to go before your System Check and Exam Setup. Please review each section and follow applicable directions. As a reminder, it is important you complete your System Checks immediately once you have followed guidance.

Candidate Quick Guide

Please review and follow this Candidate Quick Guide webpage before attempting your System Check. This information ensures your devices are suitable and set up correctly and the System Check verifies this. 

Note: Completing your System Check immediately upon receipt and 7 days before your exam allows you plenty of time to find suitable devices and/or seek additional help from your WSET Approved Programme Provider (APP) if you experience troubles during your System Checks. Whereas waiting less than 7 days can be problematic. 

After reviewing and following these sections to ensure your devices are set up and once you click on the system check link or exam link, you will be given simple prompted instructions on how to complete checks and your exam setup. Your exam link will be sent 72 hours (approx. 3 days) before your schedule exam date and time. Your exam date and time will be provided to you by your WSET APP. The starting time of your exam is when you will begin the exam setup. You will be instructed to then begin the exam when the set-up is complete. The exam clock begins when you enter the exam.

To download and print a copy of the guidance below: WSET RI Candidate Quick Guide

Technical Requirements

A primary device and a secondary device are required. To sit a remotely invigilated exam, it is required that devices you intend to use meet the following technical requirements and are set up properly. Supported devices are listed below including a list of unsupported devices.

PRIMARY DEVICE (to take the exam):



Operating System


macOS: the latest two macOS releases.

Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit).

Windows 11.


Google Chrome (latest version).



Maximum resolution of 1280 x 720.

Screen Resolution

   1280 x 768 pixels, or higher.






1.5 Mbps upload speed (Warning: this is not your download speed).

10 Mbps download speed.

Ping under 25 ms.

We strongly recommend you use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to ensure a stable connection. **


Devices not supported for Primary Device:


Android tablets (Nexus 7, etc.), iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc.), and Microsoft Surface Pro (and earlier versions).



Devices not supported for Primary Device:

X Android tablets (Nexus 7, etc.), iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc.) and Microsoft Surface Pro (and earlier versions).


SECONDARY DEVICE (for recording the exam room):



Mobile Device 

You will need a mobile device or tablet on which you will download the

ProctorExam app. Instructions for


downloading the app will be provided during the system check process 

Android device specification 

5.1 or higher

iOS (Apple) device 

10.0 or higher

Devices not supported for Secondary Devices:

Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), and Google Pixel 3 and newer are not compatible with the ProctorExam app required to operate your mobile device as a secondary camera.

Note: Technical requirements are always subject to change. Last updated January 2024. 

Specific Restrictions

Work-related devices

Attempting to use a device and/or a VPN that is intended for work purposes may have restricted access and admin rights installed. Personal devices should be used whenever possible. If you are using a work device, you may find that you are not able to use the platform due to settings and security applied by your IT.  This may cause issues when trying to access the ProctorExam platform and therefore it is recommended to use a personal laptop. Note: We cannot guarantee a successful testing experience if a work device is used.

Ignore system updates after completing system check

To prevent any issues, we advise candidates not to take any system updates / turn off automatic updates once the system check is complete. Updating the system after completing the system check may revert all settings. Please wait until you have submitted your exam.

Territory Restrictions  

It is not possible to take an RI exam within Mainland China or the UAE due to technological restrictions. WSET will not be liable for any costs associated if you choose to take this exam or any RI retakes. Contact your WSET APP if you have any questions.

Exam Room Setup

Choose an exam room where the secondary device can be placed approximately 3 meters/10 feet away from you and at least provide a side view of yourself, your desk, your screen and your exam environment. 

Set up where the Wi-Fi signal is strongest. A wired connection is a more stable connection. 

Device Setup Requirements


1. Check if you have the latest version of Google Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome
  2. Click on the icon in the upper corner that looks like three dots
  3. Click on help
  4. Click on About Google Chrome which will then show your latest version and if up to date or not

    To update Google Chrome:

  5. Click on the icon in the upper corner that looks like three dots

  6. Click Update Google Chrome. If you don’t see this button, you’re on the latest version
  7. Click Relaunch

2. Allow pop-ups for ProctorExam:

  1. Type chrome://settings/content into your Google Chrome browser and press Enter
  2. Click on Privacy and Security
  3. Click on Site Settings
  4. Scroll down and click on Pop-ups and redirects
  5. In 'Allow', click 'Add' and enter

3. Install ProctorExam extension/plugin within Chrome to allow screen sharing:

  1. Type into your Google Chrome browser and press Enter.
  2. Search for ProctorExam
  3. Click on ‘add to chrome’
  4. Click on ‘add extension’

(4)  If you are using a macOS primary device, in order for screenshare to work please ensure you have screenshare enabled by following these steps (Your exam will not work without screenshare enabled):

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Privacy & Security in the sidebar (You may need to scroll down).
  2. Click Screen Recording.
  3. Turn screen recording on for the Google Chrome app in the list.
  4. For additional guidance see this support page, and toggle to your macOS:



1. Download the ProctorExam Mobile application

  1. Find the ProctorExam application in the Apple App Store or Google Play store depending on what type of device you are using.
  2. Allow the application to access your camera



1. Open your email from with subject: "Please check that your computer is ready for your remotely invigilated exam" and click on TEST YOUR EQUIPMENT NOW.

2. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your System Checks.

3. This user guide shows you how to test your equipment and set up for your exam

Note: During System Check Step 6, with your secondary device's ProctorExam application open; you will scan the QR code showing on your primary device.


If you find that your webcam or microphone or screenshare does not work, please see the below resources that may assist with fixing this:






Screen sharing (Mac)


You can use the following resources to check your equipment is working correctly:

 Microphone –

Webcam- or