WSET Level 1-3 exams and results

Here you will find everything you need to know about taking Level 1-3 examinations at WSET School London, including what to do if you can’t sit an exam, how to book resits, and the results process. All students should read through this information carefully, but if you have further questions then please do get in touch.

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Level 1-3 exams at WSET School London

Who is involved?

  • WSET School London – As your Approved Programme Provider (APP), we plan and deliver your course and host the exams. We will also issue you with your results.
  • WSET – WSET is the awarding body for the qualification. They set the exam dates, create the papers, mark the examinations, and issue the results to us. They also handle any requests for student enquiries/feedback on examination results.

What examinations am I doing?

Upon registering for a classroom or online course with us, you will automatically be enrolled onto the exam attached to your course. Details of the exam can be found in your booking confirmation and course programme.

All examinations have registration cut off dates, at which time we need to register students who are sitting the exams with WSET. No exams can be moved once these deadlines have passed.

You do not need to do anything to book the exam attached to your course. All students will receive an exam confirmation email, which provides full details of the exam, including location, start time, and what you need to bring.

Please note: Students attending one day classes or consecutive course will sit the exam on the final day of the course, and will find details of the exam in the course confirmation.

Unable to sit an exam?

If you are unable to sit an exam on the scheduled date, please email prior to the registration deadline. You can then move your exam date for an admin fee of £25. This fee covers the actions required to remove you from your current exam and register you for a new date. However, once the registration deadline has passed, we are liable for the full examination fees to the awarding body. As a result, if you advise us that you cannot make the exam after this date, or simply do not turn up for the exam, you will need to pay the full exam fee when you rebook.

What about resits or rebooking exams?

If you have failed an exam and wish to book a resit, you need to do this at least 15 working days prior to the exam date and this is subject to availability. Please email for current exam dates and availability. 

Exams by remote invigilation:

For online Level 1 and 2 courses, you will be offered an exam by remote invigilation. Within 48 hours of your course start date, you will receive an email from the Exams Team which provides all the information you need, together with step-by-step instructions to prepare you for your exam. If you are unable to sit the exam at the scheduled time/date, please refer to the Unable to sit an exam section on this page. Results for exams by remote invigilation can take up to 12 weeks to be received by us from WSET, as all exam video footage is reviewed thoroughly to ensure protocol has been followed. Results will be emailed to students by the school Exams Team once we receive them. Certificates and pins will follow by post. If you have any further questions regarding exams by Remote Invigilation, please contact the Exams Team.

Level 1-3 results from WSET School London

Once you have completed your examination, your paper goes to WSET for marking. When the results are sent to us, we then email them to our students as quickly as we can. 

When will I get my results?

  • Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications: Results will be issued eight weeks from the exam date
  • Level 3 qualifications: Results will be issued approximately 10 weeks after the exam date
  • Exams by remote invigilationL1-2 exams can take up to eight weeks to be issued to us

Certificates and pins will follow by post, once we receive these from WSET.  Please ensure we have an up to date address for you if you are expecting results.

Please note: it is not possible to be booked onto a resit of an exam until you have received a Fail result for that exam.  It is also not possible to enroll for a resit of an exam if you have passed the exam, in order to obtain a higher grade.

Enquiries and feedback

If you would like to obtain feedback on a 'fail' result or request that your exam paper is re-marked, then this is possible. Please email and request an enquiry/feedback form. Once completed, you need to send this form to for review. Please note that the enquiry/feedback process is a transaction between yourself and WSET, and all agreements and fees are handled by the awarding body, not WSET School London.