WSET Remote Invigilation Essential Guidance

WSET is happy you have chosen to sit your exam via Remote Invigilation (RI). If you have any questions about our WSET RI guidance, please contact your WSET Approved Programme Provider (APP) who you are enrolled with. Whether you are navigating to this site from correspondence with your APP or directly from an automated WSET RI email, it is important you read the following guidance to ensure you have a successful exam experience.

Review and follow Candidate Quick Guide

Before attempting your System Check:

Failing to review and follow the guidance mentioned below, before completing your System Check, can cause your System Check to be unsuccessful and could result in your exam being disallowed if you experience technical issues on exam day. It is important that your testing device, webcam and secondary devices all work properly on the exam day to allow us to verify that you have met exam conditions. 

  • Review and follow our WSET Candidate Quick Guide webpage, to include: 
    • Technical requirements
    • Specific Restrictions (Lenovo, Mac, Work devices) 
    • Device Setup Requirements
    • Troubleshooting


Key Time Frames

Please add to your approved sender list. Expect to receive 2 to 3 automated RI emails to include your System Check and Exam links. 


15 days maximum in advance of the exam date and at minimum 10 days*

*if day 15 is on Saturday / Sunday, email will be delivered on Monday

You will receive a System Check Email- Complete immediately


5 and 4 days in advance of the exam

You will receive a reminder System Check Email if not previously completed

72 hours in advance of the exam (approx. 3 days)

You will receive an Exam Link email


If you do not know the date and time of your RI exam, please contact your WSET APP immediately. If you are not receiving emails within these timeframes, please first check your spam folder. If still not found, notify your APP and immediately submit a Digital Exams Issues form for WSET to reset your email and resend links.

Candidate Checklist and Screenshot Journey
Key steps to taking a successful RI exam

The checklist and screenshots provided in our WSET RI Candidate Checklist and Screenshot Journey provide key steps to taking a successful RI exam. If after reviewing this document and our technical requirements you determine you wish to take a paper-based exam, contact  your APP immediately. 

This landing page and guide will not be needed on Exam Day. The guide itself should not be on your desk during the exam as the system will walk you through each of the steps.  

Please note:

  • RI exams are only available in English
  • It is not possible to take an RI exam within Mainland China or the UAE due to technological restrictions. WSET will not be liable for any costs associated if you choose to take this exam or any RI retakes. Contact your WSET APP if you have any questions. 
  • It is not recommended to take the assessment in a work environment nor use a work laptop and/or VPN. We cannot guarantee a successful exam taking experience if a work device is used. If necessary, consult your work IT for help enabling ProctorExam website, pop-ups and screen sharing extensions.

At this time:

  • Verify with your APP that your are enrolled with your Government issued full name as shown on the identification you will submit during your RI exam. Using any nicknames will delay your results. 


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