The Future 50 Awards 2019

The Future 50 is a new initiative created by WSET and IWSC, in celebration of our joint 50th birthdays, to select 50 under 40 future influencers of the global drinks industry.

The Future 50 have been identified as the wine, spirit and sake industry’s up-and-coming young professionals from all areas of the trade who have made a significant contribution in the last three years in a range of areas including, career, academia, social responsibility and innovation.

There were more than 600 nominations for the first round, a longlist of professionals working as winemakers and distillers, in product development, design and distribution, marketing, journalism, hospitality and everything in between. Choosing the winners was an exhaustive two stage vetting process using the knowledge and authority of an illustrious panel of expert judges from around the world.

The final list is an exciting collection of the brightest talent from around the globe covering fourteen countries and roles as diverse as distiller, viticulturalist, historian, bartender and food and beverage activist.

The Future 50

Adrian Goh De Jun | Sake

Agnes Herczeg | Wine

Amelia Singer | Wine

Dr Anne Brock | Spirits

Ashtin Berry Spirits

Chris So | Spirits

Christian Zhang | Wine

Christina (Wanyi) Lee | Wine

Christina Veira | Spirits

Christine Clair Wine

Dan Q. Dao | Spirits

Emilie Steckenborn | Wine

Fernando Mora MW | Wine

Gus Zhu MW | Wine

Hannah Lanfear | Spirits

Heidi Mäkinen MW | Wine

James Forsyth | Wine

James Hook Wine

Jason Barrett | Spirits

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre | Wine

Jessica Marinzeck | Wine

Joel Harrison Spirits

Julie Dupouy | Wine

Julien Camus | Wine

Kelsey Ramage | Spirits

Konstantin Baum MW | Wine

Leonid Fadeev | Wine

Lingzi He Wine

Lora Hemy Spirits

Madison Pantlin | Wine

Michael Vachon | Spirits

Micky Chan Wine and Sake

Monica Samuels | Sake

Natsuki Kikuya | Sake

Nick Glaetzer | Wine

Nick Korn | Spirits

Oliver Hilton Johnson | Sake

Paulo Brammer | Wine

Qian Janice Wang | Wine

Rebecca Gibb MW Wine

Regine Lee MW | Wine

Ryan Hartshorn | Spirits

Santiago Mayorga Boaknin | Wine

Sarah Heller MW | Wine

Sovna Puri | Wine

Terry Xu | Wine

Victoria Chow | Spirits

Will Lowe | Spirits

Yang Lu Wine

Yuchen Zhong | Spirits and Sake