WSET Remote Invigilation Essential Guidance

Welcome to WSET’s Remote Invigilation (RI) landing page. Here you will find important information to help prepare you for your RI exam. Please reach out to your Approved Program Provider (APP) if you have questions about this guidance or if you do not know your exam date and time.

RI Email Schedule / Key Time Frames

You will receive 2 to 4 automated RI emails from which include your System Check Test link and Exam link. Complete the instructions in these emails as soon as possible. Step 1 is to understand the guidance on this webpage and the WSET Candidate Quick Guide Webpage ----->

Please add to your email contact list.

If you cannot locate your emails within these timeframes, please check your spam folder.  

Digital Exams Issues form - notify your APP if you still cannot locate your RI emails, and submit a Digital Exam Issues Form so WSET can reset your email address and resend links. It is your responsibility to notify WSET and your APP 7 days before the exam for System Check email queries, and 3 days before the exam for Exam Link queries. WSET may not be able to assist with queries submitted within 3 days of the exam date.

If you do not know the date and time of your RI exam, please contact your WSET APP immediately.

Timeframe Action       

15 -7 days in advance of the exam date*

*if day 15 is on Saturday / Sunday, email will be delivered on Monday

You will receive a System Check Email - Complete immediately*

*Your first System Check email arrival is dependent on when your APP submits your exam order to WSET and processed.

5 and 4 days in advance of the exam

You will receive a reminder System Check Email if not previously completed

72 hours in advance of the exam (approx. 3 days)

You will receive an Exam Link email


Candidate Checklist and Screenshot Journey
Key steps to taking a successful RI exam

WSET RI Candidate Checklist and Screenshot Journey - This document is a WSET RI overview includes a checklist and screenshots showing key steps to taking a successful RI exam. If after reviewing this document and our technical requirements you determine you wish to take a paper-based exam, contact your APP immediately.

System Check and Exam Set-up Video Tutorial - This user guide shows you how to test your equipment and set-up for your exam. Please note it is not WSET Specific - please review violations and requirements in the rest of this webpage.

Legal ID:

You need a legal / government-issued ID for your RI exam so we can verify your identity during the exam. Verify with your APP that you are enrolled to the exam with your government issued full name as shown on your legal identification. You will submit this ID during your RI exam. Using any nicknames will delay your results.  

WSET Candidate Quick Guide webpage

Review our WSET Candidate Quick Guide webpage, which includes:    

  • Technical requirements for your exam taking devices  
  • Specific Restrictions (Mac and Work devices)   
  • Device Setup Requirements  
  • Troubleshooting  

It is required to review this page and follow the instructions first  

After you have completed the steps, perform your System Check test within the link in your System Check Email from 


WSET RI Exam Taker Restrictions

Language Restrictions  

  • WSET RI exams are currently only available in English  

Territory Restrictions    

  • It is not possible to take an RI exam within Mainland China or the UAE due to technological restrictions. WSET will not be liable for any costs associated if you choose to take this exam or any RI retakes. Contact your WSET APP if you have any questions.  

Work-related devices  

  • Attempting to use a device and/or a VPN that is intended for work purposes may have restricted access and admin rights installed. Personal devices should be used whenever possible. If you are using a work device, you may find that you are not able to use the platform due to settings and security applied by your IT.  This may cause issues when trying to access the ProctorExam platform and therefore it is recommended to use a personal laptop. Passing the System Check test does not guarantee your exam will work on exam day. Note: We cannot guarantee a successful testing experience if a work device is used. 

Exam Room Setup

  • Choose an exam room where the secondary device can be placed approximately 3 meters/10 feet away from you and at least provide a side view of yourself, your desk, your screen and your exam environment. 
  • Set up where the Wi-Fi signal is strongest. A wired connection is a more stable connection. 

Common Causes for Exam Invalidation

Additional Resources