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WSET confirms first ever Approved Programme Provider in Czech Republic

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Over 30 new WSET Approved Programme Providers welcomed this academic year to date

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) has welcomed Vzdělávací Centrum MKM as the first ever Approved Programme Provider (APP) in the Czech Republic to offer its wine and spirits courses.

Demand for wine and spirit education is rising, with WSET global candidate numbers up 18% in the 2015/16 academic year and course registrations up 28% this year to date. According to CBI research1, the Czech Republic is an emerging wine market in Europe thanks to a growing young urban professional class and steady economic growth. Vzdělávací Centrum MKM has joined WSET’s network to cater to the Czech Republic wine and spirits community.

Vzdělávací Centrum MKM is an education centre in Brno providing training in various areas ranging from specialised language courses to professional qualifications. As an APP, the centre will offer WSET Levels 1 and 3 Awards in Wines, Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits, and Levels 1 and 2 Awards in Spirits to educate both beginner enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Ian Harris, WSET Chief Executive, says, “As the global leader in wine and spirits education and qualifications we are striving to offer courses through Approved Programme Providers in every market that shows potential and desire for further wine and spirits knowledge. The Czech Republic offers an exciting opportunity for us as it emerges into the European marketplace, so we’re proud to have Vzdělávací Centrum MKM join our network to cater to the Czech community.”

Now the WSET courses will finally become a reality. I wish the new APP all the best of luck in Brno.

Helena Baker, DipWSET


JUDr. Pavlína Megová, owner of Vzdělávací Centrum MKM, says, “Since WSET is considered to be a unique institution around the globe, and the Czech Republic is no exception, I am proud that we can offer WSET wine education here in Moravia where Czech wines of the highest quality are made. I am convinced that WSET courses should be of interest not only to all wine lovers, sommeliers, businessmen, but also to winemakers. After all, the founding motto of the WSET institution tells all: “Gustibus mens dat incrementum”:  “Knowledge enhances sensory perception“.”

Czech Republic local, Helena Baker, DipWSET, an international wine judge and author, says, “It’s been coming! I had thought of applying to become an APP myself some time ago as sommelier courses here are popular and many people believe WSET to be the apex of wine education. Now the WSET courses will finally become a reality. I wish the new APP all the best of luck in Brno.”

Vzdělávací Centrum MKM is one of over 30 new APPs confirmed this academic year to date across the world to offer WSET courses, and extends WSET’s global presence to 72 countries.

To learn more about Vzdělávací Centrum MKM or book a WSET course at the centre visit Please note courses are conducted in English.