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FlavorActiV becomes corporate patron of Wine & Spirit Education Trust

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FlavorActiV, the specialist provider of Flavour Reference Standards and Taster Validation training in beer, wine, cider and soft drinks, has become the latest organisation to support Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) as a Bronze Corporate Patron.

It is a natural fit for us to extend support to the outstanding educational work that WSET provides.

Richard Boughton, CEO FlavorActiV


The Corporate Patrons programme ensures that WSET receives essential funding to continue to develop its world class courses and qualifications.

Ian Harris, WSET Chief Executive says: “Having the support of FlavorActiV as a Corporate Patron will mean that both organisations can benefit from a closer working relationship. We are aware of how FlavorActiV has helped professionalise tasting in other beverage categories such as beer and soft drinks, and in the last two years has begun supporting the wine and spirits market. FlavorActiV joins a list of companies, all of whom recognise the value that education can bring to their business and customers. We are very grateful for their support.”

Richard Boughton, CEO FlavorActiV says "We are delighted to join and support WSET through its Patrons Scheme. As a former WSET student myself, it has been easier to see how we will help the wine world to taste using our GMP flavour reference standards and thereby to understand their own sensory abilities. We are fortunate to have Marcia Waters MW, a WSET Trustee, in our team as Head of Wine Sensory who confirms that as we look to further invest in the wine industry with our products and services it is a natural fit for us to extend support to the outstanding educational work that WSET provides. Training is at the heart of both our organisations and we are continually looking for ways to aid development and skill levels across the workforce. We believe this partnership will help us to do so”.

As part of FlavorActiV’s Corporate Patronage WSET Approved Programme Providers will be able to benefit from a discount on FlavorActiV wine sensory kits.


About FlavorActiV

Independent since 1996, FlavorActiV has been a trusted and vital partner to the global beverage industry. Our multilingual team of sensory professionals train and validate tasters in best sensory practices to ensure quality beverages reach the market. We deliver 5 core capabilities to our multi-beverage customers; sensory training, flavour stability, tasting services, proficiency testing, and GMP Flavour Standards.

We started in beer, but today we cover all the main beverage groups. Our international team has grown from two, to more than 20. What unites our team, and drives our advances, is a commitment to quality. We deliver the best products, the best services, the best tools, using the best people. We listen to and learn from our customers, responding to and anticipating their needs. We understand the challenges; not just in sensory quality, but in taster and panel management.

Our mission, shared by everyone we work with, is to raise sensory standards and sensory practices, resulting in improved product quality and consumer experiences. We care about the quality of the products as much as our customers. Some key facts:

- 20 dedicated staff in 8 countries speaking more than 20 languages

- 3000+ sites supported globally, >80% of which are multinational companies

- 9/10 of the world’s largest beverage companies rely on our services

- 2000+ sites enrolled on our validation scheme

- 40,000+ sensory participants using our taster software

- 82 GMP Flavour Standards, plus numerous variations, with more in development

- 10+ specialised flavour kits, and more coming soon

- 190 countries where tasters are supported and our products shipped

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