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WSET launches TikTok channel

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WSET has just launched its very own TikTok channel. 

Furthering our commitment to deliver inspirational, educational and most importantly, fun and engaging content from the world of drinks education, WSET has now launched a TikTok channel. 

Are you new to TikTok or are you an avid TikTokker?  

You can sign up and follow us on the platform here. 

Founded just six years ago, TikTok has become the most annually downloaded social networking app with over a billion monthly users – principally a younger audience aged between 18 and 24. 

TikTok’s success is largely due to its use of music and video. These features have influenced the strategic direction taken by other networks such as Instagram and YouTube through reels and shorts, respectively. 

Stay tuned for video updates, find and follow us on TikTok: @wsetglobal. 

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