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WSET launching new beer qualifications in February 2024

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We’re excited to announce that we’re launching two new beer qualifications, Level 1 Award in Beer and Level 2 Award in Beer, from February 2024.  

The new beer courses have been created by our Product Development team, led by Sara Hobday, Head of Product Development – Beer Qualifications. The team has been supported by Mirella Amato, Senior Business Development Manager – Beer, WSET Americas world-renowned beer educator and consultant, and one of only 22 Master Cicerones® and Stuart Howe, Technical Development Manager, Institute of Brewing & Distilling.   

Entering into beer is a natural progression for us – the principles that have established us as the leading global provider of drinks education transfer easily into the category. Beer will be our fourth qualification area following wine, spirits and sake and the first new subject stream since 2014 when sake was introduced. 

WSET Level 1 and 2 Awards in Beer will provide both trade professionals and beer enthusiasts with the product knowledge and tasting skills to become more beer confident. Initially launching online and in-person in select markets, including the UK, United States, Canada and Australia, the courses will explore the main types and styles of beer, key methods of production, tasting technique and food pairings. Using our trademarked Systematic Approach to Tasting, students will be equipped with a universal language to describe what they’re tasting and a framework for assessing quality.   

Michelle Brampton, WSET CEO, said: “Extending our qualifications to encompass beer is an exciting time for WSET and a natural fit for us as leaders in global drinks education. Bringing over 50 years of educational experience to the beer category, our new Level 1 and 2 Awards in Beer will bring a unique and interactive approach to tasting and learning. We hope people will be inspired to pursue their passion for beer whether for career or personal development using our courses to build their knowledge.”  

Sara Hobday, Head of Product Development – Beer Qualifications, said: “Developing the materials for our beer qualifications and piloting them with WSET’s Natalya Watson, Malcolm Venter and others has been a real highlight. Helping students to develop their beer knowledge, skills and confidence, with a focus on teaching through to tasting, has been at the centre of every step in the product development process. This applies to both our online and in-person courses which will soon be accessible to students through WSET’s global network of course providers.”  

Learn more about our new beer qualifications here